33. First guy I ever loved was a total nothing.

Первый парень которого я полюбила был полным ничтожеством.

ashamed [ə’ʃeɪmd] пристыженный
attract [ə’trækt] притягиватьbright [braɪt] яркий; блестящий;
bum [bʌm] бродяга, бездомный, бомж
careful [‘keəfəl]осторожный,
complete [kəm’pliːt] абсолютный, совершенный
cry [kraɪ] плакать, рыдать
deep [diːp] глубокий
disappear [ˌdɪsə’pɪə] исчезать; пропадать
dream [driːm] мечта
follow [‘fɔləu] следовать, идти за
magnet [‘mægnət] магнит
panic [‘pænɪk] паниковать
profession [prə’feʃən] род занятий, профессия
radius [‘reɪdɪəs]  радиус
regular [‘regjələ] регулярный, систематический
rent [rent] плата за аренду жилья
stuff [stʌf] вещи; всё такое прочее
total [‘təutəl] абсолютный, тотальный
worse [wɜːs] от bad худший
wrestle [‘resl] заниматься борьбой (спорт)

put down – унижать

1VIV: First guy I ever loved was a total nothing. Second was worse. My mom called me a bum magnet. If there was a bum within a 50-mile radius, I was completely attracted to him. That’s how I ended up here. I followed bum number three. So here I was: no money, no friends, no bum.
   2ED: And you chose this as your profession?
1VIV: I worked at a couple fast food places, parked cars at wrestling. And I couldn’t make the rent. I was too ashamed to go home. That’s when I met Kit. She was a hooker and made it sound so great. So one day I did it. I cried the whole time. But then I got some regulars and, you know… It’s not like anybody plans this; it’s not your childhood dream.
   2ED: You could be so much more.
1VIV: People put you down enough, you start to believe it.
   2ED: I think you are a very bright, very special woman.
1VIV: The bad stuff is easier to believe. You ever notice that?
1PHIL: Tell him I’ll call him on Monday.
   2SECRETARY: Yes, sir.
1PHIL: Where you going? Did he sign these?
   2SECR: No, he said he had to leave.
1PHIL: Edward, you can’t disappear now. We’re in this too deep.
   2ED: Don’t panic, Philip. Morse isn’t going anywhere. I’ll be back here in the morning. Did you send the tickets to the hotel? Thank you.
   2SECR: Yes, sir.
1PHIL: Where are you going?
   2ED: I have a date.
1PHIL: With the hooker?
   2ED: Be careful, Philip.

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