35. Why don’t you not go to work tomorrow. Take the day off.

Почему бы тебе не пойти завтра на работу. Возьми выходной.

cop [kɔp] поймать
dog [dɔg] собака
queen [kwiːn] ферзь, королева (шахматы)
report [rɪ’pɔːt] доклад
snap [snæp] щелчок
squat [skwɔt] приседать
starve [stɑːv] очень хотеть есть, умирать от голода
storage [‘stɔːrɪʤ] накопление; аккумулирование
touch [tʌʧ] (при)касаться, трогать
vendor [‘vendɔː] продавец; торговец

day off – выходной
snap dog vendor – уличный продавец хотдогов

cop a squat (Am. sl): присесть «на корточки»
e.g. Come in and cop a squat. – Заходи и присаживайся.
Сop a squat and crack a tube. – Присядь и выпей банку пива.

1ED: No, don’t touch …
   2VIV: I moved the queen. I like the queen.
1ED: You can’t move the queen. Did you really do that? Why don’t we finish this tomorrow? It’s really late, and I have to work.
   2VIV: Why don’t you not go to work tomorrow. Take the day off.
1ED: Me, not work?
   2VIV: Yeah.
1ED: I do own the company. ……….

   2 SECRETARY: Here are the storage reports you wanted, and Mr. Lewis called.
1PHIL: What’d he say?
   2SECR: He said he’s taking the day off.
1PHIL: He’s taking the day off?
   2SECR: That’s what he said.
   2VIV: I’m starving. There’s a snap dog vendor over there. Do you have any money?
1ED: I have money. I don’t know what a ‘snap dog’ is, but I have money.
   2VIV: Well, I’m gonna give … you’ll buy a snap dog; we’ll cop a squat under a tree somewhere.
1ED: Cop a what?
   2 VIV: Cop a squat.
1ED: (BY PHONE) All right, read the first two pages. Okay. I was talking to someone.

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