37. I am not a trick. This is a trick. Darryl! Left pocket.

Я не фокус. Вот фокус. Дэрил! Левый карман.

block [blɔk] квартал
carry [‘kærɪ] нести, носить;
dealer [‘diːlə] дилер; торговец
gun [gʌn] огнестрельное оружие; пистолет
incredible [ɪn’kredɪbl] невообразимый, потрясающий
knife [naɪf] нож
middle [‘mɪdl] середина, центр
permit [‘pɜːmɪt] разрешение
pocket [‘pɔkɪt] карман
skateboard [‘skeɪtbɔːd] скейтборд
slinky [‘slɪŋkɪ] облегающий (о платье)
stab [stæb] удар (ножом, кинжалом)
strangle [‘stræŋgl] задушить, удавить
sudden [‘sʌd(ə)n] вдруг, внезапно
trick: трюк, фокус, уловка; шутка, шалость, проделка
west [west] запад

out(t)a [‘autə] = out of – из, от (амер. разговорный)
ain’t [eɪnt] = am not, are not, is not (сокращ. диалект)

1VIV: What’s going on out here?
1ED: I don’t know. You left and all of a sudden I’m in the middle of West Side Story.
   2CARLOS: I think you owe me some money, baby. Two hundred dollars.
1ED: Don’t you go to school tomorrow?
   2CARL: Now I hear you got yourself a new job?
1VIV: Let’s just leave.
   2CARL: You ain’t going no place. You’re outta your neighborhood. This ain’t no Beverly Hills!
1ED: I don’t believe this. He has this knife coming out of his skateboard. He’s going to stab me. What, you gonna strangle me with a Slinky?
   2CARL: Shut up!

1ED: All right, okay, this is what’s happening. You believe this person owes you $200?
   2CARL: That’s right.
1ED: Why?
   2CARL: Because this is my block.
1ED: His block?
1VIV: He’s a drug dealer. It has to do with Kit. Let’s just go, Edward.
   2CARL: Edward. So how’s it feel to be a trick?
1ED: I am not a trick. This is a trick. Darryl! Left pocket. Isn’t that incredible? And he does have a permit. Thank you, gentlemen. Don’t you ever go near her again.
   2VIV: Does Darryl always carry a gun?
1ED: When he drives me, yes, always.
   2VIV: He sleeps.

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