41. Mr. Morse, my interests in your company have changed.

Мистер Морс, мои интересы к Вашей компании изменились.

acquisition: [ˌækwɪ’zɪʃ(ə)n] приобретение (чего-л.; процесс)
bluff: [blʌf] блефовать
concern: [kən’sɜːn] проблема; вопрос, требующий решения; забота, дело
delay: [dɪ’leɪ] откладывать; отсрочивать
reconsider: [ˌriːk(ə)n’sɪdə] пересматривать,
vulnerable: [‘vʌln(ə)rəbl] уязвимый; ранимый

1PHIL: Mr. Morse, you said this morning you wished to speak to Mr. Lewis. Mr. Lewis is now listening.
   2MORSE: I’ve reconsidered my position on your acquisition offer… on one condition. I’m not so concerned about me, but the people who are working for me.
1PHIL: It’s not a problem. They’ll be taken care of. Well, then, gentlemen. If we could address ourselves to the contracts in front of you. If you look at…
    2ED: Excuse me, Phil. Gentlemen, I’d like to speak to Mr. Morse alone. Thank you.
1PHIL: All right, gentlemen, you heard the man. Please wait outside.
    2ED: You too, Phil.
1PHIL: What do you mean ?
   2ED: I mean I would like to speak to Mr. Morse alone.
1PHIL: Why does he get to stay ?
   2ED: Please, please.
1PHIL: I’ll be right outside.

   2ED: Good. Is that better ?
1MOR: It’s all right.
   2ED: Would you like a cup of coffee ?
1MOR: Black.
   2ED: Mr. Morse, my interests in your company have changed.
1MOR: What is it you’re after now, Mr. Lewis ?
   2ED: Well, I no longer wish to buy your company and take it apart. But I don’t want anyone else to, either. And it is still extremely vulnerable. So I find myself in unfamiliar territory. I wanna help you.
1MOR: Why ?
   2ED: Mr. Morse, I think we can do something very special with your company.
1MOR: What about our Navy contracts ?
   2ED: They weren’t dead. Just delayed. I bluffed a little bit.
1MOR: You’re very good at it.
   2ED: Thank you very much. It’s my job. I think we can leave the details up to the others.
1MOR: I find this hard to say without sounding condescending, but I’m proud of you.
   2ED: Thank you. I think we can let in the other suits now. Let’s continue the meeting.

1MOR: Come in, gentlemen. Sit down.
1PHIL: Edward, please, what was this all about ?
   2ED: It’s all yours, Phil. Finish it up.
1 PHIL: Hold it. Hold it. These aren’t signed ! These aren’t signed ! Could someone please tell me what the fuck is going on here ?
1 MOR: Mr. Lewis and I are going to build ships together. Great big ships.
   2ED: You know, I think I’m gonna go for a walk. Just stay here for a while. I’ll be back.
1DRIVER: Yes, sir, Mr. Lewis.

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