43. I want more. I want the fairy tale.

Я хочу больше. Я хочу сказку.

across [ə’krɔs] поперёк; в ширину; от края до края
allow [ə’lau] позволять, разрешать
aside [ə’saɪd] в сторону
beat [biːt] бить
bellboy [‘belbɔɪ] коридорный, посыльный (в гостинице)
cheek [ʧiːk] щека
concept [‘kɔnsept] понятие, идея; концепция
explode [ɪk’spləud ], [ek-] взрываться
fairy [‘feərɪ] фея; волшебница; эльф
gift [gɪft] способность, дарование; дар, талан
invent [ɪn’vent] изобретать, выдумывать
pull [pul] тянуть, тащить
tale [teɪl] рассказ; сказка
treat [triːt] обращаться, вести себя (по отношению к кому-л.) ; относиться (к кому-либо)
wham [(h)wæm] бам!, бух!, трах!
whatever [(h)wɔt’evə] какой бы ни; любой;

1VIV: Why do guys always know how to hit a woman right across the cheek ? Wham ! And it feels like your eye is gonna explode. What do they do ? Do they pull you aside in high school and show you how to do this ? Is that…
   2ED: Not all guys hit.
1VIV: I heard about what you did with Morse.
   2ED: That was a business decision.
1VIV: It was good.
   2ED: It felt good.
1VIV: I think this is okay. I gotta get going.
   2ED: Yes, I noticed you’re packed. Why are you leaving now ?
1VIV: Edward, there’ll always be some guy, even some friend of yours, thinking he can treat me like Stuckey, thinking that it’s allowed. What are you gonna do ? You gonna beat up everybody ?
   2ED: That’s not why you’re leaving.

1VIV: Look, you made me a really nice offer. Look, you made me a really nice offer. And a few months ago, no problem. But now everything is different, and you’ve changed that. And you can’t change back. I want more.
   2ED: I know about wanting more. I invented the concept. The question is how much more.
1VIV: I want the fairy tale.
   2ED: Impossible relationships. My special gift is impossible relationships. Thank you.
1VIV: You’re welcome.
   2ED: If you ever need anything… dental floss, whatever… you give me a call.
1VIV: I had a good time.
   2ED: Me too. Do you want me to get you a bellboy ?
1VIV: No, I got it.
   2ED: I’ll carry this.
1VIV: Thanks.
   2ED: Stay. Stay the night with me. And not because I’m paying you, but because you want to.
1VIV: I can’t.
   2ED: Good-bye.
1VIV: I think you have a lot of special gifts.

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