Английский по фильму Pretty Woman (Красотка)

Содержание видео курса по фильму 'Pretty Woman'.

Pretty Woman (Красотка)Фильм в оригинале (не адаптирован!) разбит на короткие эпизоды. По ссылкам в тексте можно перейти к конкретной теме грамматики. Тренируйтесь читать диалоги по ролям, отрабатывайте произношение. Великолепный американский разговорный язык. Много бизнес терминов, связанных с трейдингом, биржей, акциями, деловыми переговорами. Интересный контраст языка между не очень грамотной девчонкой и образованным бизнесменом из высшего общества. Тонкий юмор и море эмоций превратит Ваше изучение английского в удовольствие.

PART 1 Episodes:

PART 2 Episodes:

  • 24  People always do what you tell them to do ?
  • 25  Oh, yes…. Oh, no !
  • 26  We don’t build anything, Phil. We don’t make anything.
  • 27  He divorced my mother to be with another woman.
  • 28  What if someone recognizes me ?
  • 29  You could freeze ice on his wife’s ass.
  • 30  I’m going to rip off all my clothes and do a naked belly dance.
  • 31  She’s not a spy. She is a hooker.
  • 32  I’ve never had anyone make me feel as cheap as you did today.
  • 33  First guy I ever loved was a total nothing.
  • 34  I don’t want you to get too excited. This is only on loan.
  • 35  Why don’t you not go to work tomorrow. Take the day off.
  • 36  The Blue Banana. Very colorful life you lead.
  • 37  I am not a trick. This is a trick. Darryl ! Left pocket.
  • 38  Vivian, what is it you want? What do you see happening between us?
  • 39  Fifty bucks, Grandpa. For 75, the wife can watch.
  • 40  You fall in love with him, and you kiss him on the mouth.
  • 41  Mr. Morse, my interests in your company have changed.
  • 42  I made you a very rich man doing exactly what you loved.
  • 43  I want more. I want the fairy tale.
  • 44  Stay cool, Barney.
  • 45  You got a lot of potential, Kit. Don’t let anybody tell you different.
  • 46  It must be difficult to let go of something so beautiful.

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