Английский по фильму Pretty Woman (Красотка)

Содержание видео курса по фильму 'Pretty Woman'.

Pretty Woman (Красотка)Фильм в оригинале (не адаптирован!) разбит на короткие эпизоды. По ссылкам в тексте можно перейти к конкретной теме грамматики. Тренируйтесь читать диалоги по ролям, отрабатывайте произношение. Великолепный американский разговорный язык. Много бизнес терминов, связанных с трейдингом, биржей, акциями, деловыми переговорами. Интересный контраст языка между не очень грамотной девчонкой и образованным бизнесменом из высшего общества. Тонкий юмор и море эмоций превратит Ваше изучение английского в удовольствие.

PART 1 Episodes:

No matter what they say, it's all about money.>
I speak to your secretary more than I speak to you.>
Edward! Give me a break, please! I love this car.>
That's Sylvester Stallone's house right there.>
Hey, sugar, you looking for a date?>
You should have that printed on your business card.>
I never joke about money.>  
Edward That's my favorite name in the whole world!> 
Close your mouth, dear.>
You could pay me. That's one way to maybe break the ice.>
10  I'm a safety girl.>
11  Why don't you try a strawberry?>
12  This is dental floss.>
13  What do you do?>
14  Vivian, I have a business proposition for you.> 
15  His bathroom is bigger than the Blue Banana!>  
16  I didn't ask if it would fit I asked how much it was.>
17  We'll have a little chat.>  
18  Bridg, he's not really my uncle.> 
19  Never, ever pick up the phone.> 
20  Elbows off the table Shrimp fork, salad fork, dinner fork.>  NEW!
21  Stop fidgeting.
22  I look forward to it, sir.
23  We both screw people for money.

PART 2 Episodes:

24  People always do what you tell them to do ?
25  Oh, yes…. Oh, no !
26  We don’t build anything, Phil. We don’t make anything.
27  He divorced my mother to be with another woman.
28  What if someone recognizes me ?
29  You could freeze ice on his wife’s ass.
30  I’m going to rip off all my clothes and do a naked belly dance.
31  She’s not a spy. She is a hooker.
32  I’ve never had anyone make me feel as cheap as you did today.
33  First guy I ever loved was a total nothing.
34  I don’t want you to get too excited. This is only on loan.
35  Why don’t you not go to work tomorrow. Take the day off.
36  The Blue Banana. Very colorful life you lead.
37  I am not a trick. This is a trick. Darryl ! Left pocket.
38  Vivian, what is it you want? What do you see happening between us?
39  Fifty bucks, Grandpa. For 75, the wife can watch.
40  You fall in love with him, and you kiss him on the mouth.
41  Mr. Morse, my interests in your company have changed.
42  I made you a very rich man doing exactly what you loved.
43  I want more. I want the fairy tale.
44  Stay cool, Barney.
45  You got a lot of potential, Kit. Don’t let anybody tell you different.
46  It must be difficult to let go of something so beautiful.