15. His bathroom is bigger than the Blue Banana!

Его ванная комната больше, чем Голубой Банан!

Vocabulary 15

banana [bə'nɑːnə]  банан
bathroom ['bɑːθruːm]  ванная комната
blue [bluː]  голубой;
bullshit ['bulʃɪt]   бред собачий, чушь
bum [bʌm]   бродяга, бездомный, бомж
drive [draɪv]  дорога, аллея
extra ['ekstrə]  добавочный, дополнительный
guess [ges]  гадать, догадываться; пытаться отгадать;
rodeo [rəu'deɪəu]  родео, состязание ковбоев
stuff [stʌf]  штука, штуковина; всё такое прочее
swear [sweə]  клясться
twist [twɪst]  искривлять, скручивать
ugly ['ʌglɪ]  безобразный, уродливый

be bummed - (слэнг) быть расстроенным
go out - ходить (в ресторан, кино и т.д.)
write it down - запиши это

1KIT: Hello ?
   2VIV: I called and called. Where were you last night ?
1KIT: Ma ?
   2VIV: It's Viv.
1KIT: Oh. Hi. I had to party. Where are you ?
   2VIV: Oh, man. Are you ready for this ? The guy ? The Lotus ? I am in his hotel room in Beverly Hills. The penthouse. His bathroom is bigger than the Blue Banana !
1KIT: Do I have to hear this ?
   2VIV: Kit, he wants me to stay the whole week. And you know what he's gonna give me? Guess. You'll never guess. Three thousand dollars.
1KIT: Bullshit !
   2VIV: I swear to God. And extra money to buy clothes.
1KIT: Oh, man ! I am bummed. I gave that guy to you ! Three thousand. Really ? Is he twisted ?
   2VIV: No.
1KIT: Ugly ?
   2VIV: He's good-looking !
1KIT: Well, what's wrong with him ?
   2VIV: Nothing.
1KIT: Did he give you the money yet ?
   2VIV: At the end of the week.
1KIT: That's what's wrong with him.
   2VIV: Well, he gave me 300 for last night. And, Kit ? I'm gonna leave some at the front desk for you. I want you to pick it up. I'm at the Regent Beverly Wilshire. Write it down. Are you writing it down ? You'll forget it. Write it down.
1KIT: Reg... Bev... Wil.
   2VIV: Now, one more thing. Where do I go for the clothes ? Good stuff, on him.
KIT: In Beverly Hills ?
   2VIV: Yeah.
1KIT: Rodeo Drive, baby.

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