19. Never, ever pick up the phone.

Никогда больше не поднимай трубку телефона.

Vocabulary 19

clothes [kləuðz] одежда 
elegant [‘elɪgənt] элегантный
ever: когда либо
lobby: [‘lɔbɪ] вестибюль; фойе 
never: никогда
sharp [ʃɑːp] точно
sick: больной

never ever – никогда больше, никогда в жизни не … (эмоционально усиленно)

VIV: Hello ?
  ED: Never, ever pick up the phone.
VIV: Then why are you calling me ?
  ED: Did you buy clothes today ?
VIV: I got a dress. A cocktail one.
  ED: That’s good. I’ll be in the hotel lobby, 7:45 sharp.
VIV: What ? You’re not coming up to the door ?
  ED: This isn’t a date. It’s business.

VIV: Where are you taking me, anyway ?
  ED: I’m taking you to a restaurant called the Voltaire. Very elegant.
VIV: All right. I’ll meet you in the lobby, but only ’cause you’re paying’ me to.
  ED: Well, thank you very much. Get her back for me, please.
SECRETARY: Mr. Stuckey wanted to see you.
  ED: Yes, tell him I’m in the middle of a very important phone call.
VIV: Hello ?
  ED: I told you not to pick up the phone.
VIV: Then stop calling me. Sick.

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